History of Exalt Group

Background Not too many years back it was very common practice for companies to provide their own transportation and delivery to customers, utilising an owned fleet of vehicles.

As times changed it was realised that the cost of providing this service by individual companies was far greater than utilising 3rd party transport providers.

These providers were able to deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost, due to economies of scale through managing a wide customer base and focusing on this core activity. Through outsourcing businesses were also able to free up capital in fleet vehicles and concentrate on more core activities, without the need for specialised Transport staff.

More recently the same philosophy has been realised through the outsourcing of warehousing activities. The Market place offers a wealth of expertise and experience from a diverse range of 3rd party Warehouse and Logistics providers. These 3rd Party providers are again able to offer lower cost, higher level service that individual businesses struggle to match, in almost all cases.

Whilst there has been a movement to undertake 3rd party providers for a range of services the advancement of how a business manages these services has stood still. Most companies still have to closely manage their providers, as they are the direct link to customers. Sourcing and implementing the service of the 3rd party providers is a difficult and expensive process, which in most cases requires full time management by a Logistics or Supply Chain specialist.

Once engaged in services with the 3rd party providers ensuring optimum solutions by way of high service levels, and lowest possible costs becomes a never ending task which in most cases is overlooked. The on-going management of the 3rd party providers becomes a time consuming activity, with data and reporting back to the business being less than ideally required.

Most companies are restricted in the rates they are able to negotiate due to lack of volume compared to larger clients, difficult or complex requirements, or being forced into lengthy and restrictive contracts. The 3rd party providers are also growing in size and capability so businesses are missing out on opportunities for enhancement as well as facing issues due to increasing complexity of working together.

4PL or 4th party Logistics is a term being used by Consultancies offering one off solutions to find new providers, lower costs, or offer expensive advice to assist businesses.

Exalt Group is offering 4th Party Solutions as an impartial partner, not a consultancy. Exalt are able address and give solutions to the problems faced by modern companies dealing with 3rd Party Providers. Exalt is aiming to become an on-going partner to the business building a relationship between your company and the wide range of 3rd party providers. Exalt will find the optimum solution at the lowest possible cost to your business, not just the cheapest provider.

Current News

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Exalt Group head office is located in Sydney but provides all services Nationwide.